Getting Started with WooCommerce Bulk Variations

Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 06:38 PM

Enable Bulk Variations for a variable Product

Just go to an existing variable product or create a new one. In the Product Data panel you only need to activate the Bulk Variations via the checkbox. After that you will see a new tab in the panel Bulk Variations, here you can set some options like position, layout, enable the search-able dropdowns etc..

Using with a page builder plugin (Optional)

When using a page builder plugin like Elementor and the WCBV widget does not appear, you need to use the shortcode [wcbv] and place it anywhere in your product page.

Global Settings

The Bulk Variations plugin has some global options. These can be changed via WooCommerce > Settings > Bulk Variations tab. 

If you are using the WPML plugin, you can easily translate every label here as well.