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Fancy Product Designer + Multistep Product Configurator using attributes can change multiple views

Right now the integration between Fancy Product Designer and the Multistep Product Configurator works amazingly well when there is just one layout view (i.e. a 'Front' view). An example of this can be seen at this address:


I am requesting the ability for someone to choose an attribute through Multistep and have it change throughout all views. This seems like a pretty normal case scenario. Imagine a product where a user can customize two different sides. For example:

I have 8 metallic color images as attributes (since just a pure color is not enough to show the quality of the background) that I use for the background of a product and the expected behavior is if the user selects a variable attribute either on side 1 or side 2 of the product, the other side will be linked and changed with this choice. Currently it is not - I can select say, metallic red on side 1, but when I select side 2, the image on the canvas has not been changed. I have to re-click the variation to have this match the side 1 selection.

It seems like this should work because I see a linking behavior option in FPD, but it doesn't seem to work for images. Hopefully this can be implemented!

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You can replace images, that are selected in MSPC, in all views. So what you are looking for will function if you use the replace function. This video explains how it works: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000548187-replacing-elements. 

If this doesn't solve your problems, could you please give an example and explain exactly which function you are looking for?

I am looking for same. we have different size and shape of product. And also top view. So when user add product in front view I have set replace option so that user select different size then it will get replace with current one. But we also have top view for which we are different svg. Question is that is there any way when we replace or add image in front view, Other image (required one) will get replace in top view.

Trying to resurrect this as well please! 

Replace multiple views only replaces with the single image that is associated with the attribute.

We need to be able to associate a unique image for each view to an attribute, for replace multiple views to work as needed.

Hi all I see that I'm not the only one who has this problem ... did anyone finally find a solution to replace a different image in multiple views? (front and back for example)
Not yet. Anyone else?

@rady kal: is this possible? (replacement of different images in different views; for example the front and the back of a tshirt)

If not: This would be a great improvement!! Sure, actually it works really really fine with the replacement of one image.

In my case, I use FPT in combination with your MSPC to change the color of a t-shirt with replacing of the t-shirt photos. Unfortunalety this does only work with the front side / not work with the backside of a shirt, because the MSPC works with replacements and I only can replace 1 photo. Is it possible to work with layers here? But the sense with layers is to change the color of the alpha-transparent layer and not changing the whole image. In my understanding: replacement is mandatory

Thank you in advance
Best regards

To replace different views within the same product you'd use the Layouts Module. Or you could use Woocommerce variations to swap the whole Fancy product.

Hi Rhiannon,

thank you very much for your reply! I am not sure if I have described my problem clearly.

In your example with woocommerce attributes (MSPC): Can you show me, how I can add a second view (backside), which gets updated (same material/color as the frontside) when you change the material in the front-view: https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/sneaker-mspc/

Thank you in advance and best regards


Hi Rhiannon,

do you know what I mean?

It would be helpful (and IMHO necessary) that you can define more than one graphic for replacement.

Right know for example you can only replace the backside of a shirt with the frontside.

Best regards


Hi Mark!

Yes you can absolutely achieve this without adding more than one image. Rather than mask out the exact shape for replacement you would invert it to a transparent area and place the fabric image to be replaced behind it. If you "replace in all views" and each view has a transparent area then you'll get the same result using only one image.

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