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Fancy Product Designer + Multistep Product Configurator using attributes can change multiple views

Right now the integration between Fancy Product Designer and the Multistep Product Configurator works amazingly well when there is just one layout view (i.e. a 'Front' view). An example of this can be seen at this address:


I am requesting the ability for someone to choose an attribute through Multistep and have it change throughout all views. This seems like a pretty normal case scenario. Imagine a product where a user can customize two different sides. For example:

I have 8 metallic color images as attributes (since just a pure color is not enough to show the quality of the background) that I use for the background of a product and the expected behavior is if the user selects a variable attribute either on side 1 or side 2 of the product, the other side will be linked and changed with this choice. Currently it is not - I can select say, metallic red on side 1, but when I select side 2, the image on the canvas has not been changed. I have to re-click the variation to have this match the side 1 selection.

It seems like this should work because I see a linking behavior option in FPD, but it doesn't seem to work for images. Hopefully this can be implemented!

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This would be a great idea.

Strangely this does work when you have different FPD products linked via FPD category in the same WOO product. 

But not of much use as this wont add both FPD products to the order.

Replacing an image really should work across multiple views.

Added in 3.0.0. Via "Replace in all views" option.

Where is the "Replace in all views" option?


It appears that this is still not implemented. Selecting a product attribute with multistep that uses an image to represent the attribute, like a color, does NOT work across multiple views...


From my understanding it would need a unique image that is linked to each different view. So if there was a side view that had one image on it, in blue for example, then the back view would need to have a different image in the same color but showing the object from a different side. Could you please indicate if this if the REPLACE IN ALL VIEWS option would replace different images in different views that were linked together?

My issue is that I have one image representing an attribute. Inside the FPD options for the attribute, you associate a replace value name (variable). Then you use this variable name in the product builder on the layer you want to swap. I've duplicated my second view from this 1st view, and it doesn't work the way it should. You have to click twice on the attribute for it to update "across all views" - even when the setting is checked in global preferences and the individual product detail FPD preferences. 


Yes this is an issue and has basically meant the Multistep plugin is useless to us. We have a front and back view for a product and want to use the "steps" for the use to select a background image for each view. In each view we have set a replace Element and associated that with the product attributes and variations. 

What happens is the user selects a front image and it works but when they select a back image it appears on the front and half off the screen. It just doesnt work.

Just a small update on this issue - I created a support request/ticket for this and the developers are "working towards" functionality like this.

Thats great. been working with this plugin for about a week now building a site selling embroidered shirts, and the the MPC works great for changing/selecting the colour of the front of the shirt, and although you can chenge the image on the back it needs to be a different image to the front. Ability to replace different views with different images would make this already excellent plugin even better.

So far this is the only issue I have found with it. So a solution would be great.

Is my "feature request below" the same issue as this one? - If so dare I suggest it is not yet implemented

In MSPC for a fancy design
, we have the attribute groups set up and all the colours & sizes are showing properly so we pick a yellow of an allowed size and the customiser shows a yellow tee shirt.... BUT when we select the back (or sleeves) it defaults to an original colour (in our case white)

I am guessing this is because we only have one image in the product attribute group, but then we cannot see where to add a second (or more rightly front, back, left & right sleeves - and I suppose for non t-shirts, top and bottom). 

So the ability to associate 5 additional attribute pictures (back, left, right, top, bottom) - I can't think of a use case for more, but could be wrong)...

Dare I suggest it is a fairly important fix/update to get the products working is sync?

I am sorry to resurrect this thread but this is definitely NOT implemented. The author even had to open a ticket 9 months ago. If this is being worked, move the status to In progress, but don't leave it as Implemented as the solution provided clearly did not fulfill the requirements being request.

By the way, I also need this, guess what, my product has two views and bought MSPC just for that purpose...

I'm having the same problem with regards to front & back views that need to change simultaneously when an attribute is chosen. Is there a solution?

Looks like I need this too, any update?

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