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Better PDF support

Better PDF creation would be a great addition to this plugin.

If it is to be taken seriously by the print industry, then the PDFs that are exported really need to have fonts embedded.

The whole point of an online designer is that it saves the Printer/Webstore owner time. If they have to recreate a product from scratch to send to print then its not really saving time.

Not a criticism, just my view as to where the plugin is lacking.

Overall a very, very good piece of software.

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Hello Again Team Radykal,
it has been some time that you confirmed to implement the "better PDF export" feature, so possibly by now you have a better understanding of what you are planning to accomplish and how far you have progressed.

Can you PLEASE give us a rough estimation when you think this additional feature could be released?

Are we talking about three months, six months, a year ?


Any news on this? Honestly, without this the plugin is quite useless, even though it's frontend is one of the best...

I've currently been using the image export option rather than pdf and choosing SVG format. This way I at least have the text with correct font and size as long as you have the same fonts installed. It also embeds the svg and png artwork. The only downside for me is jpg - it doesn't embed but links. This requires manually download the linked JPEGs via ftp or something.

I agree a batch export feature is needed.

Any news on this?

+1 here ! This subject has 2 years old... I hope we will see this feature in less than 2 other years 

Any news Radykal?

Hello everyone. I am looking to build a WP plugin that will build a PDF properly through TCPDF. Im just seeing if there is still interest. There will be some limitations (specifically with curved text).

im thinking it should have the ability to set margins, crop marks and clip images correctly. I am not in the print industry and have attached a test pdf. if someone could please let me know if it would be suitable to send to a printer (despite the RGB colour profile)

43337.pdf 43337.pdf
1.29 MB

Hi Roddy ! 

Yes, some interest still here. I will contact a client tomorrow about your test file and keep you in touch.

Hey Roddy, Definitely still interested! I'm a graphic and industrial designer, so I prepare files for print often. If you'd like to send test files over Info@convertdesign.com.au I'd be more than happy to look over them.
Major interest here! A standard Adobe colour profile though is a must! (PDF/X-4a:2010)
I am also definitely interested. Actually I am still waiting for Radykal to give some sort of estimate as to when this feature could become available - but we may also start to develop our own module for the FPD if there is not some sort of solution soon. The problem is that we have different needs than for the "standard" printing industry, but a layered PDF would be great.

When I open your PDF file in photoshop, I get only one layer though.

Please have a look at the PDF that I attached here - it's your original PDF but I added one image and one text layer. If I open that file back in photoshop, I do have the layers and can even edit the text...

Let me know if you need help, we could join forces.



43337.pdf 43337.pdf
5.41 MB
I agree with Etienne but one should not pay attention to one program only, like Photoshop. Let's not forget that Indesign and Illustrator are widely used and in south America Corel is king. It's very important that this new module or addon is compatible with all the main programs used in the print business. As for the colour profiles, perhaps the best is if one can load different presets and export according to the loaded preset...
Hi Roddy! Yes your PDF perfect for printing. It have layers so can be edit.


Hello Alexus, can you tell me how (with which software) you opened the PDF file ?


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