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Better PDF support

Better PDF creation would be a great addition to this plugin.

If it is to be taken seriously by the print industry, then the PDFs that are exported really need to have fonts embedded.

The whole point of an online designer is that it saves the Printer/Webstore owner time. If they have to recreate a product from scratch to send to print then its not really saving time.

Not a criticism, just my view as to where the plugin is lacking.

Overall a very, very good piece of software.

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We faced the same challenge, when trying to find out, how to produce a printable-PDF based on the data available with FPD.

In the meantime, we are sure that we have found 'our' solution:

- we use the svgstream generated by FPD / fabricjs, and ...

- that stream is processed with cairosvg (http://cairosvg.org)

Cairosvg exports a pdf, Images are embedded as streams, text is rendered as pure vectors / paths.

The resulting pdf can be edited for example in Photoshop etc and you will see layers.

In our installations (test / production) the PDF is a PDF1.4 / 1.5 and _not_ an PDF/X file, but that is not a problem for us.

We are still testing, but the first results are very promising, maybe someone of you is willing to step in and have a look cairosvg, too?


- we use the jquery version of FPD

- do not forget to install all needed fonts on the machine where cairosvg is running ;) 

I was just wondering if there were plans on implementing/improving on this in the new version? I have really high hopes for the backend, as the frontend looks awesome.

Looks like author is not doing anything updates. Because very long time from last update. I have a bad feelling that plugin is already dead. 1. No updates 2. Sales goes down (because others plugins making updates and getting better) 3. No motivation to do something (see 2)


Are there any other WP plugins you can recommend? Thx

@alexus You may notice that I released the beta of the new version here: http://beta.fancyproductdesigner.com/ a few weeks ago. The plugin is not dead at all. I am still working on it and will have some results/deadlines at the end of February. This feature is not implemented in a few hours. Its very complicated. Beside I also need to include a few other features. I do not know if you have any coding skills, but it takes some time.

My plugin is still number one on marketplace and I am continuing work on that.

This forum is also not a platform to advertise other concurrent plugins!!! 

I dont think that its good idea to write it here.


Rafael i have more than 50 plugins from codecanyon and i know differens. In support i wrote you about bugs. You agreed about some of them. And what? Its already more then 3 months and bugs still in place.


The new version looks excellent Rafael! love the quick links to add text and images. Look forward to it going into action.


Wow, new version (Beta) is very good in frontend.



Yes, the beta looks very nice from the front-end side of things (and FPD already did look good before that) but the list of new features concerns mostly the frontend. Many here have asked for more advanced output options, including better PDF support (font layers etc.), batch processing for output and overall a better workflow when it comes to generating files that can be used for direct printing. 

After all, most shop customers use the plugin only once or twice (and hence the frontend), we as your customers use it every single day so it is of vital importance to get the backend right, e.g. by offering batch processing for exporting all uploaded designs at once (could be an auto feature to automatically cut uploads to the bounding box, save them in a set resolution and name them according to the order number so that we don't have to go into every single order to export the uploaded design).



two thumbs up for Alexander Moritz' comment.
I totally agree - the export/output needs improvement, whether it is batch export, layered PDF export or even a better documentation of the backend options.

I am not criticising, just trying to motivate Rafael :-)


so going back to the original topic I just wanted to know if this was planned for this release or we should expect it after February (if at all).

Thanks in advance

Yes I agree with Alexander Moritz. And i can add to his words if this work is very hard Rafael, you can sell this as addon for FPD.


As we say in England, all good things come to those who wait... be patient guys it's on its way. 

Can someone confirm if the new version will export PDF fonts? At the moment it is a pain because 

I have to import the PDF into Illustrator and then change all the fonts to the fonts that the client 

chose. It seems the plugin will only exports fonts as 'Arial' even though I have all the correct 

fonts on my system. 

Thanks - Andrew

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