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rady kal
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YURAYNE ALONSO posted about 1 month ago

Hello @rady kal I am still interested in this feature:


Could you please clarify if you're planning to implement it?

We need it.


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Dawn Cannon

Dawn Cannon posted about 2 months ago

Same issue as Bianca. This is using your instructions on uploading that has always worked before. 

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Chaplygin Anton posted about 2 months ago

Is anyone else having issues with text when using a mobile phone (iPhone with Safari also tried Chrome).

Add text and enter some text. When trying to resize it using the corner of the text box the size of the text does not change and changing the text size using the tool bar does not change the size either. The text box gets bigger but the text stays the same. 

Tried it on the demo on here too and it does not work will either?


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rady kal

rady kal posted about 2 months ago Admin

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Bianca Valk posted about 2 months ago

I have tried to install put get a message archive not compatible.

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