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rady kal
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  • A link to the customized product is now used in the Order Email
  • Add option to WooCommerce settings to enable/disable the product image changing when Done button in lightbox is clicked



  • The cart item link will call the correct customized product now. Edit: Customizable Product is removed
  • Context Dialog will be always inside the document when selecting an element


Bugs fixed

  • PHP error in shortcode order
  • When clicking the Cancel button in the lightbox, the document can not be scrolled anymore
  • When no text patterns are used,  a blank box was displayed for patterns
  • Non-loading of necessary js files in the admin, make some buttons not usable
  • Padding was wrong for images in the product builder
  • Position was wrong when moving context dialog to the top of document
  • Reset element did not work correctly
  • A problem with enabled colorization for text elements
  • The content in the dialog context is not always displaying on mobile phones
  • Z-Layering not working correctly

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