Pricing Rule - Amount of element allow to set Value

Posted 4 months ago by timlo88

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Pricing rule wont allow to enter value for  "Amount of element" and some other setting, the vale field is now grey out.  As I remember previous version is allow to set vale to Text / Image / Design.also in the stand alone version of pricing rule


I got reply from CS 

"I understand this doesn't work how you'd like it to, for the Amount of Elements property - you could head on over to the feature request forum and have a look at the discussions there or add a new topic with a request for the feature you are looking for. The more people agree with you, the more quickly we are going to implement it in a future version. "

hope it work again, as I want to set different pricing when different number of element add by customer

thank you alot

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rady kal

rady kal posted 3 months ago Admin

Added in V6.1.7

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