MSPC Integration with FPD - Attach Unique Image per View for Attributes to "Replace in all views"

Posted about 5 years ago by Colin Lim

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Colin Lim

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As a user, I want to be able to select an option in MSPC and have all views in FPD reflect my selected option.


I select Green base colour in MSPC, all views in FPD update the base colour to Green.


Possible implementation might be to allow one unique image per view to be attached to attribute terms, so that "Replace in all views" will update all views with the associated image.

This specific need has been touched on in the below 2 feature requests that have partially-implemented it, but it seems like the implementations only focused on the FPD replace function that was meant to replace the same image (i.e. a logo) across all views.

Other Possible Implementations

An alternative would be to allow a selection in MSPC to Swap Product in FPD, but this seems rather hacky IMO.

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Colin Lim posted almost 5 years ago

Thanks for implementing this. You guys are awesome!

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Colin Lim posted about 5 years ago

You know what, I stand corrected. This functionality exists in woocommerce product variations section: 

Fancy Product Designer - Product 

Changes the product in the Product Designer when a variation is selected.

you guys are great

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