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Customized Product Image attached on email


we need to have the product image customized as a PDF, JPEG or PNG attached to the mail with the voucher because if not, is impossible that the admin checks how the product is. In some companies they need the image because one manages the online shop but then somebody else creates the product.

Is very important to have the final image exported on the email as an individual image, as if it was a voucher.

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But is it possible to store auto export (print-ready files and product preview) files also in some website folder? I want to store both of them also in my server

Is it possible also to set a different admin email for auto export based on products?

@Michael It will look like this in the next update. Thats what you want?

Yes absolutely!!! This is really great!!

+1 for this please! I don't need a high-res PDF, but simply the ability to include to product thumbnail in the customer email and the admin email. 

Is this at all possible?

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