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Customized Product Image attached on email


we need to have the product image customized as a PDF, JPEG or PNG attached to the mail with the voucher because if not, is impossible that the admin checks how the product is. In some companies they need the image because one manages the online shop but then somebody else creates the product.

Is very important to have the final image exported on the email as an individual image, as if it was a voucher.

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But is it possible to store auto export (print-ready files and product preview) files also in some website folder? I want to store both of them also in my server

Is it possible also to set a different admin email for auto export based on products?

@Michael It will look like this in the next update. Thats what you want?

Yes absolutely!!! This is really great!!

+1 for this please! I don't need a high-res PDF, but simply the ability to include to product thumbnail in the customer email and the admin email. 

Is this at all possible?

I agree: "We only need if the product thumbnail would be replaced with the thumbnail of the designed product in all emails. We don't need an attached file."

As customers buy a custom product, they need to see what they purchased and the current solution is sub-optimal.   

I included that in the latest update.

Hello, I am using the latest version and in the tests of my order the product image does not appear.

I still need to activate some new option?


I have the same problem

Hi, i'm having trouble on Gmail, see image below.

On my iphone Mail app it's working but not on gmail web.


That is because Gmail and Google do not allow data images to be shown in it because of security issues.Gmail refuses to show base64 encoded inline images.

Thanks John. Any workaround for this?

I also have the same problem and I still can not solve it,  Here I found a solution to see if someone serves you:

Show the product thumbnail in WooCommerce emails

Not that I am aware of sorry other than to use traditional domain based and linked images but that would require the plugin code to be altered.

It will work still in Apple devices and Outlook desktop depending on the version you have.

I'm on the last update and I have a problem.

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