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Export bounding box only


I really would like to see the export functions to be changed. Currently the entire design area is being exported and I only want to export the items within the bounding box. All my products use the same bounding box.

See screenshot. The door is the area where the design is, the doorframe is the bounding box. When exporting the order design from WooCommerce I only want the door including all layers to be exported, not the background area.

Please include this in a next version.


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Wow, i plan to buy the FPD but this will definitely keep me holding it off.

Such a great suggestion and the author seems doesn't care about. His purpose is to create a Fancy plugin without practical sense as one of the comments said.

Thanks everyone for their comments which keeps me wasting my time to test this plugin.

  • create a "NO EXPORT" flag in the Product Builders Layers, and respect that flag when exporting the final image
  • Export only whats inside of the bounding box, clipping out the rest of the STAGE. For printing production we need a good hires image
  • Create a "Save as default settings" in the export options, so that you don't have to type the DPI and the scale factor FOR EVERY ORDER :( "

    I need these features too. Please, upgrade the export functions! Thank you very much!

Confirmed that the fix does not work in WP 4.7 with WooCommerce. Does the plugin developer look at these message boards often? This should be top priority on an upcoming development sprint.

This plugin does suffer from some serious issues, and, unfortunately, the developers appear to rarely address issues on the forums.

You really have to engineer things in order to get this plugin to work. Because of the lack of progress in development, I am starting to look elsewhere to be honest.

The plugin is $50.  Though I got lucky with my solution because my final graphic is always a perfect rectangle, good luck finding something else in that price range.

Indeed, it's a great plugin. However, the idea of exporting the bounding box only makes sense, even if the plugin is only $50.

We've also mentioned in numerous posts (as customers/users) that the developer should/would have to increase prices if things like enhanced PDF handling and such are added. Thus, nobody is advocating that the developer should continue to charge only $50 if improvements continue to be made. However, many of the show-stopping issues that the developer has planned to address have not been addressed over the last year or so. Though we understand that things take time to accomplish, we would also liked to be informed on the progress the developer is making. We, as customers, also have businesses to run where time is money. If things cannot be accomplished, then we have to look elsewhere, albeit it costs us more money.


Stanley, please do your homework! Read the threads in the forum! Most of us - if not all of us - are willing to pay more for that function!


We have been working on a new solution the last months, that will move Fancy Product Designer forward. I am going to release a beta the next days and some of you have the opportunity to test it. 

Sorry for the delay.....but all of these highly discussed threads will be addresses in the new solution.

Thumbs up Radykal! I Cannot say how much I am looking forward for it! My company has been holding up a big investment waiting for this update. It will be mostly welcome, $ 50 or more!

Keep up the really good work and keep us updated! :)
+1 (thumbs up) to what Joao said. I am also really looking forward to it. We all appreciate the hard work Radykal. Let us know if you need help.

Like I said, I was just implying that it would be nice to get more frequent updates on progress.


I had the same issue, I was getting crazy looking the option. I will need export in .png the file as well. Are you working in that? thanks

Radykal, can I please be allowed to participate in the beta that includes the Export Bounding Area functionality? 

Any news on this topic? Im very intrested in this functionality too.

Awesome work Radykal and team.

I am also interested in this feature. This is the most important feature I think.

Is there any date when it wil be released?

Would love to know when this will be available - along with exporting to SVG.

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