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Export bounding box only


I really would like to see the export functions to be changed. Currently the entire design area is being exported and I only want to export the items within the bounding box. All my products use the same bounding box.

See screenshot. The door is the area where the design is, the doorframe is the bounding box. When exporting the order design from WooCommerce I only want the door including all layers to be exported, not the background area.

Please include this in a next version.


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In the latest version you can mark elements with "exclude from export" and via our new solution you can export the orders:


Currently this feature is only available exclusively in the ADMIN solution.


thank you for the update. It is a help that we now dont have to manual uncheck all useless Layers. 

Our Problem is, that the export Picture have still the size of the canvas. Can we Export just the size of our bounding box? or we can define a export Zone?

 With the current solution we have still the same work.

Thank you

I still didn't understand how does this works and there is not any documentation about this. Anyone can explain to me, please?


For me so far, the "new Admin order solution" still exports the entire image, not the bounding box. And on some of the orders it even includes layers that are set to be excluded, though not all the time. The settings in the admin screen are confusing, and many of them doesn't even seem to change anything. A lot of the time it doesn't generate any files when I hit the Export button, with no reason/error.

72 dpi is meant for screens not for print or any kind of production. I had to set my stage/canvas to 10000x10000 px. to show my background/mockup – although the actual design area is only about 2400x2700 px (to get 25x35 cm 300 dpi). And this slowed everything down, made it display incorrectly on some units, and the customer preview/download buttons stopped working because the files are too big now.

This is really disappointing. Having spent so much time setting this up and trying it out, only to find that something so fundamental for this kind of product has been basically left out in the development of it. Who needs a nice custom design and user experience, if it's not usable in the end.

Would gladly pay a lot more to see a solution to this.


" "exclude from export" " does not exist anywhere in the admin page! How to do it?

@Joao – The option to Exclude from Export is selected in the Product Builder > Modifications. And this function works, but it still exports the entire stage, instead of the area we need, putting a lot of strain on the server. I get a lot of empty Zero KB files when I try to create/download the file.

Another example of how this plugin isn't developed with production in mind: To get a regular size print area for a t-shirt in 300 dpi (standard quality), I had to increase the standard point-size of the text from 18 to a whopping 300 pt!

And because of that, I can't use the Curved Text function – it's not set to handle that size, so it just gives me all the letters on top of each other :-(

Well, in Radykal's defence, I have been with the plugin for a while now and I can say without a doubt that it has been a very huge development. A year ago the plugin was very different from now and now it is much better.

In your defence, I do agree with everything you said. I too work with printing industry. I too would gladly pay a lot more for a functioning solution made for printing industry. A lot of people have already suggest Radykal the same. What I don't understand is why he doesn't develop it and sell it at a proper price, since there is clearly a market and a demand for it.

I have made a job interview on Monday, if everything goes well we will soon have a programmer making these print industry specific changes we so badly need.

Also, the documentation needs a clear update! Thanks for the update on the "Exclude from export" function. Thank you very much! :)

Agreed. From reading the documentation, it's easy to see he has implemented a lot of requests and done a good job with it. And I am sure he'll find a solution for this issue as well. Which is why I am airing my frustration here, and not in the CodeCanyon comments.

I'm just a little upset right now from having spent a lot of time trying to get this set up, only to get this issue with the files in the end. I guess we'll have to find someone to look into it on our own as well. Still a great plugin I'll try to use and would pay to see grow. Keep it up, Radykal! :-)

Well, I too have spent countless hours creating my platform and I too have had the very same issues and frustrations. This is why, after almost two years with the plugin I am hoping to hire a programmer. This can be a really great plugin if someone with the printing industry insights develops what's needed. I am convinced that Radykal is not aware of the issues we talk about and how serious they are. For me, this feature request is still not implemented...

We have implemented the export bounding box only to our custom system (jquery version), really satisfied with the plugin. (Of course for huge prints you have to set a huge canvas size, but you can use multiplier 2 or 5 to get a high res picture. (But this is just a high res, you have to set the canvas too beause the quality will be not enough good)

Our  solution was (for ex a mug):

1600 x 1200 px canvas

If a customer customizes his design the system will crop out the bonding box's content and saves it as png. The quality is enough for a mug, or a snow ball etc, (smaller gifts).

 I use the jQuery version of FPD on a Magento store and I was able to add this feature myself even though I have only a little knowledge of javascript and jQuery (I posted my code on this thread over a year ago).

If you want to see it in action, go to http://www.personalizedpartyinvites.com/shop/nightclub-dj-dance-party-vip-pass-invitation-w-lanyard-blue.html?customize=1

Click the "Add to Cart" button. You will see a confirmation pop-up that has a preview image of the design. You'll notice the preview image is only of the area I chose to export, not the entire staging area.

I should explain that I don't allow customers to export print quality jpg files on the frontend, but I use the exact same code, only with a smaller scale factor, to generate a small preview image before they add it to the cart.  After the customer clicks the "Yes, It's correct" button on the confirmation page, the full size print ready image is also saved in a folder on my server and the url to the image is passed along with the order information (but hidden from customers on the frontend). In my admin, I can download the print ready file from the url or open the design in FPD for further editing and save a new print ready jpg or png file. Unfortunately, I'm unable to give access to my admin page.

Again, I'm using the jQuery version of the plugin, but I also have the Woocommerce version for another website that I'm working on. The underlying code is the same for both so I know it can be implemented on the Woocommerce version as well.

FPD is basically just a skin for FabricJS. I was able to put my export code together by looking at the FabricJS documentation, FabricJS forums and reading FabricJS questions and answers on stackoverflow.com . Stackoverflow is VERY helpful.

I hope a suitable export feature is added to FPD soon! Good luck to you all!

Multiplier? What is that and how does it works?


( openInBlankPage= true  forceDownload=false backgroundColor=transparent  options )

Multiplier : Multiplier to scale by

This is from the doc.

This is just the option which you can find in WP version (it is already implemented in it as "scale" when you export image)

Thanks for the info, Adrienne. I tried your code yesterday but it didn't work for me. Haven't tried too hard though - so I will give it another shot. As for the scaling, the exporting stops working when I scale up the files. Guess they're too big or time out somehow. Server settings are okay, so it's not that. My hope is it could work if it's only exporting the Bounding Box area.

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