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Photo Orientation

A number of clients have advised me that when uploading photos taken from an iphone that the orientation is incorrect when placed within a design. Portrait images once placed end up landscape!

I realise that you can then rotate the image which is fine but my clients rely on simplicity.

I have tested such an iphone photo (portrait orientated) on a competitors website with a similar 'web to print' interface and the photo orientates correctly. This makes me think that there must be something that can be done from a coding perspective.

Submitted for consideration.

I am aware of this bug and will be fixed in next version.

That's great Rafael. Your plugin is quite remarkable and it's nice to see you continuing to further develop and improve it.

Regards - Gerard


Fixed in 3.0.0, but only when the images are saved on server and added to the canvas!

so did this get fixed with updated versions?

This got fixed in new versions?

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