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Basic form

I think it's really necessary that the basic FPD FORM will be able to add some more fields. That the user can edit the number of product he wants to buy and the price change dynamically.

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I will try to combine it with contact form 7, so you can create your own forms easily.

it woul be great!! ill be wainting for news. thanks!

+1 from me. Because the form is so basic at the moment it is causing me all sorts of ordering issues which is really wasting a lot of time. 

+1 from me too. This would be hugely helpful.

any news?

it woul be great to have such an option. Thank you Rafael for your support


MachForm is much better.

MachForm export the data to external applications.

Everything is ready and is easier.

I'll buy that product when this feature is created.

I'm anxious. THANK radykal, you're a genius.

Your plugin should be compatible with Gravity Forms, for sure.


I agree on the Gravity Forms. It's the best all around contact form.

Yes this would be great just being able to add custom form fields +1


+1 from me too!




Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms compatibility.

I use both. Contact Form 7 is great since it is free, and works very well (with some self training) as a default form creator.

Gravity Forms is like the standard for putting together very professional complex forms. Compatibility with both in some way would be great.


Gravity Forms is the most complete plugin for creating forms.

Once this feature is created Fancy PD will sell more.

Because? Because Fancy PD will have no limits.

The possibilities are endless!

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