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List of selected colours

It would be useful to have the option to list the subset of colour swatches used by the customer in their design on the output image/PDF file for reference. The defined colour names would need to be listed, not the HEX values. Even better would be to also include a small colour swatch beside each colour name in the list.


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Yes seeing the color selected is great, but how do I know what the color is when I get the order?  Being able to capture the HEX code or better yet, the pre-defined color name we set up, and to show in the cart is very important in order to produce the actual color requested.  Is there a way to do this?

Yes this would be very useful! The problem for me is that sometimes the closest HEX Value to a colour of Fabric is very similar for several very different fabrics. So for example I have a 'Grey' and a 'Silver' fabric option. I have given two HEX values a label so that users can differentiate between the two, but when I get an order there's no indication of the colour label. This has led to a couple of orders going wrong already, and any solution would help us for this issue.

Great Idea and a must have!

Is there any update on this feature request? We are finding it very difficult to judge what colours have been selected in each order. This has led to a couple of incorrect products being produced, and we now need to contact each customer to confirm their selection. Obviously this feature would really help us out!

Added in 3.1

Where is it added in 3.1? I just created a PDF and the list of properties only shows the HEX code, not the colour name?



Same problem in 2019. Please help. 
Using ver 3.9.6 and can't find out how to show color names in shopping cart. 

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