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Color Opacity

Ability to change color opacity per color. Currently when you set a value for the color opacity on the back end, it applies to all the colors. However, I am working with plastics, so I only need the opacity to apply to certain colors. For example, we sell clear plastic so for my hex# assigned to "clear" needs to be transparent.  Maybe add this feature "Settings - Advanced Color Config" next to the hexadecimal color, add the option to set opacity per color.

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I work with transparent plastic as well. To get a good result we need to use the multiply filter or blend mode multiply that fabric.js allows: http://fabricjs.com/image-filters/ With normal opacity a realistic effect is not archived. It would be perfect to incorporate one of these filters. Please, take in account to improve this feature request.

That would be a great addition to the plug-in, indeed. A few of my potential customers are not that familiar with image files and formats. When uploading a JPG, the white background stands out when I'm trying to apply a logo to a knife. Multiply blend mode will be very helpful. Please consider it for next update :)

 This feature will be so useful for us too! Hope will be included in nexts upgrades. Any idea about if it will be implemented?


Added in 3.0.0

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