Add a Specific Thumbnail for each Fancy Product & Use the Product Title

Posted almost 9 years ago by Luke Breen

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Luke Breen

This feature request is for two small adaptions to the Plugin.

  1. I'd love the ability to assign a specific thumbnail image to each of the Fancy Products.
  2. I'd like the Product Name to be used when browsing products from the same category rather than the first view's title.

I'll try to explain further the benefits of these two features:

Here's the current problem...

If you have a FPD category with multiple Fancy Products within it there is no control over how those products are displayed to the customer. Once the FPD category is assigned to a WooCommerce product an option appears to "Change Products" (I have changed this to Change Fabrics in the example above). The problem is that within this option the Product Names are not used, plus the image is automatically pulled from the first view from each of the products.

The only way to change this is to click the edit button for the front view of each product within the category. A pop up box appears to edit the name of the view followed by it's thumbnail...

I can change the name and thumbnail using this, however changing this view's thumbnail causes an issue. As you can see in the next image both the Products first view and the thumbnail that represents the whole product are changed...


The "Change Product" view would be greatly enhanced if...

  1. It used a thumbnail image for the whole product rather than the image from the "First View"
  2. It used the product's name rather than the name of the "First View"

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted over 8 years ago Admin

Added in 3.0.0

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