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Option to remove uploaded image background

Hi, is there a way if the user upload an image jpeg with a background the plugin will give an option to remove the BG.

Example is this http://www.whooptee.com/designer#   , can see under image processing there is an option to remove white BG.


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I added this topic to "Feature Requests".

Hopefully this can be implemented soon.

Yes, this would be awesome! Much needed.

This is the main reason I can't get this plug-in sold to my clients

http://www.customink.com/lab?PK=04600 is staNDARD


Any update on this feature? 

Any update on this feature? I have purchased the plugin and would be happy to have this feature added.


I am ready to pay extra for this feature. Please add this feature so I can buy this plugin. For you reference please check http://www.almamaterstore.in/default/play-tool.html they are doing really great in market becuase of this (remove background) feature only. 


Pratik Luther

CEO - Swagshirts99.com

It's a great plugin, good structure and well-thought through, but as mentioned by other buyers it's missing the crucial "remove white background" for uploaded customer files, most customers have their logo in .jpg format, so with a white background. It's been a while since it was added to the "feature requests" Any news/updates on this? THX!!

Best Regards


Ben Jin I have been watching this particular plug-in and attempting to get a grade it into one of my clients wordpress/woocommerce shop for over two years, and this key factor is the main reason it never gets completed. I've even paid for a couple of times, and it does not end up getting used I am also a vector art specialist, this plug-in would be very easy to use for someone with my skill set being that you can use it at its peak if you take advantage of the svg file format capabilities. What I'm trying to say is I really wanted to see if work because of all of the wonderful attributes it has. I'm sure that once they get their team to tackle the removal of white From a jpg there will be a huge announcement, I would to subscribe to the newsletter. Or stay on this post but I haven't heard from anyone in a while on this matter

Hi Reiso, thanks for replying me. Like your previous (customink.com) link proves, it's technically possible. I've been looking for a separate plugin but no luck there. I'm sure if any programmer develops a plugin for wordpress which automatically removes the white background (no complex backgrounds) from uploaded images to a certain location it would be a best seller... 

It's not only crucial for the customer experience but also for the admin who has the ability to download the print file but still has to "photoshop" to get rid of the background.
Let's hope Radykal comes with a solution...

Would love this feature as well. 

Marked it as "in progress"!!!!!! YES

Fingers crossed ;-)

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