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Multiple Tees with alternate names

Your widget looks amazing and just what I need -particularly the WooCommerce interaction - other than one issue - I'm designing a tee site for a charity and they would like a user to be able to design a t-shirt design for the front of the Tee and place multiple names on the rear - they would like each Tee to be added as a separate product into the basket.  - So as a process they would like to select a quantity then basically loop through adding names to the rear.

Would this be possible with this plugin?  can anyone suggest a way to make this work?



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We're also looking for this feature. Not currently possible, but a lot of customers ask how they can order the same customized product with only a name variation on the back or side of the product.

Hopefully this will be available soon!

Hi Bastien,

Regarding above - have you got any further with this development (alternate names on the back of same tee order)?  We have been builidng a site for charity tees and need a user to be able to select different reverse names for the same product.  Is this something your looking to introduce - or would you be interested in agreeing a fee to add this functionality?



Hey Paul,

Unfortunately we're in the same boat. As this is marked as a "Planned" feature we did not want to allocate any budget to this since it's probably gonna be available in the next major release. I'm not a FPD developper though so I can't tell when that might happen.

This feature along with the possibility to order products in bulk (with different colors for example) are two pretty popular features so we can only hope that they are going to be integrated soon.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Kind regards,


This is added an own add-on for Fancy Product Designer, available for WordPress/WooCommerce and JQuery.


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