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Posted about 9 years ago by Florian Rachor

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Florian Rachor

This seems kind of basic, but it would be awesome if I could delete layers in the product builder. Maybe I want to upload a new image for the background or whatever and it's kind of tedious to delete the whole view, create als boxes new etc.


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Florian Rachor posted about 9 years ago

Hi Rafael,

thnx for your response. You are right, the buttons get pushed down (see screenshot), the reason is another extension that sets "clear:both" on ".wrap ul li div". I'll write the extension author that it's a bad idea to fiddle with that, in the meantime I'm just going to remove "clear:both" from their css and see what happens :).

All the best 


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Rafael D

Rafael D posted about 9 years ago Admin

Thats already possible. See attachment.

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