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Build-In Bulk Feature

Is it possible to implement  a "bulk add" feature to  add different variations of the customized product to the shopping cart all at one time. 

Right now each shirt size and quantity must be added separately then you have to go back to order the next size and quantity. 

Which is a very sloppy, if you want to buy the same customization in different variations and pieces.

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Is this feature included in the new version? If not, can we still hope for it?


Is this option allready available ?

Hello, when we can be calculated with this function? Thanks


actually this feature will make this app complete in every way. want to see this feature as soon as possible.

I have been looking for this feature in a good plugin. If it was made by radykal then it would be by far the best on the wordpress market and I would trust it for my site. PLEASE ADD IT!!!

To get you started on the code here is a plugin that is similar but the developer just did not have the time time or effort to put in it.


Guys...this will be added in an own add-on for FPD. But I need some information in order to make the best of it.

  1. Do you want to use it for one variation attribute (Size: L, XL, M...) or for multiple (Size: L, XL, M..., Color: Blue, Red...)?
  2. Do you want to populate the attributes from your WooCommerce variations or would you like to set the attributes in FPD settings?
  3. Do you need dynamic pricing or just add the price of one product. E.g. one product costs 30$, user uses the form to order 1xL, 2xS, so in total 90$.

Hi @radykal ... thanks for addressing this bulk uploader issue. Do you have a timeline when this plugin will be ready to download?

my thoughts: great plugin... 

1. Just the sizes will be fine. The visual element of FCP product variation will accompany the bulk order sizes as a line item in the cart...then you add another color. This is nice organization in the cart to see a visual for each style of clothing via product thumb, and then how many of each size you need to supply. For example, white tees with a logo on the front with 3 smalls will be on one line, and black tee with the logo on the front with 3 med and 5 larges will be the next line item...., so on and so forth. 

2. I would like to set the attributes in the settings, not automatically import from that products variations

3. Dyanamic pricing would be nice. For example, if a white shirt costs $10 each for sizes S - XL, but XXL costs $12 and XXXL costs $13.50...it would be nice to configure this in the bulk uploader so the prices calculate accurately in the total...

Hope this helps and please let us know when you expect to have this plugin complete by! Thanks!

That's great news! 

1) We would definitely use it for multiple variation attributes (size & colors) but might also need to allow bulk order even if there's only one attribute (colors).

2) We'd use the attributes from our WooCommerce variations (the global attributes configured in "Products > Attributes").

3) I'm glad to hear about a dynamic pricing option as I think the best way to handle dynamic pricing with FPD is to have this feature handled directly within FPD and not by a third-party plugin. Here are a few important points that we'd like to see covered by a Dynamic Pricing within FPD :

  • An option to exclude the base price. We'd like to be able to set discounts only to the added elements. This could be a drop-down menu : Apply discount to [All, Elements Only]
  • We should be able to see the applied discounts on the front-end somewhere (preferably near the table to make bulk orders) and have control over what's displayed with before/after text and percentage/absolute values (i.e: Save 15$, 10% OFF, etc.). It would update in real-time when you update the order quantity(ies).
  • The usual %/$ discount with different quantity trigger points. Discounts by quantity should be calculated by designs, not by products (so two different designs of the same product won't enable a volume discount altogether).
  • An option to enable a multi-design rebate, so if you order two or three different custom products you can get a special discount.
  • Eventually, a nice option would be to be able to set discounts by user role.
  • An option to schedule discounts. Example, you have dynamic pricing set sitewide for all custom products and you decide to run a promotion for a month just on the products from category ID 15 where you give an extra 20% off.
  • We should be able to set the dynamic pricing sitewide for all custom products, for only a specific category ID or by single fancy-product.

Hope this gives you some good insight!

All best,

This is added an own add-on for Fancy Product Designer, available for WordPress/WooCommerce and JQuery.


That is a nice time saver.

Another standalone plugin is coming soon:


Here you can use your variable products and the users have the possibility to select multiple variations at once and add these at once to the cart. Its fully compatible with FPD.

Hi Radykal, the "WooCommerce Bulk Variations" plugin works well and I'm glad it integrates properly with the WooCommerce Variations.

To make the Bulk Variations applicable to real world businesses, we really need the ability to add "Dynamic Bulk Discounts" that integrate with the Fancy Product Designer to allow us to offer discounts when customers buy multiple sizes of their custom design.

So far, to achieve this functionality I've experimented with many plugins. None seem to integrate the pricing rules on the "Single Product Page". The best pricing plugin I've found is called "Woo Discount Rules", this offers the ability to create "Staged Pricing" dependent on the product, but again does not integrate with the Price on the "Single Product Page" which basically means that as the customers uses the "WooCommerce Bulk Variations" form, they can't see the potential discounts until they visit their cart.

Do you think you could add this functionality to one of your plugins so that we can use the Fancy Product Designer for businesses that want to offer bulk discounts?

Thanks in advance.


Any advice on how to get the variations to work? I have been trying for days now and no luck. Cant get the layout correct either!

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