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Build-In Bulk Feature

Is it possible to implement  a "bulk add" feature to  add different variations of the customized product to the shopping cart all at one time. 

Right now each shirt size and quantity must be added separately then you have to go back to order the next size and quantity. 

Which is a very sloppy, if you want to buy the same customization in different variations and pieces.

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I am looking for that variation too!


I am looking for this feature too!

Please do this...I just spent $13 on the Woocommerce Variation Table grid just for this feature to add sizes to my custom t shirt products. And, in the end I never got it to work because it wouldn't send over the extra FCP designer info to the cart...waste of time and money! Please implement. Thanks!

We definitely need better integration with WooCommerce. Variations should be taking into account, plus custom options should be listed and output onto the single product page, cart and checkout. The ability to amend the product variation and / or custom options should be available from any of these locations. Otherwise asking a visitor to start the whole process again will definitely lead to lost sales.

I purchased that plugin and had the same result. They were nice enough to refund the money that I spent though!


Is this planned feature going to be happening soon?


I would also like to know that 

Same problem is faced by me also . Customer feedback is too improve on bulk orders.

Hello, as of 1 month ago we had about 5 list items that had to be checked off before e can launch our site. These other four can and have been addressed and are ready to go!!!!. While not perfect we still need your plugin to be completed so that we can complete our project. Could you please give us an date on which you plan to release your update  "bulk product option" to your plugin? This has been marked planned two months ago and we have been waiting patiently for this new update to be released and look forward to completing our project. We have had  a few smaller issues that I have been able to write code to formulate a "work-a-round". This is the last piece of the puzzle that we absolutely need to mark our product(s) complete and ready to "go live".  I see that I am not the only customer interested in and waiting for your update.
Could we please have an estimate as to when you will be releasing this much anticipated update? Once again....nice work and we appreciate your diligence. Thank You!

We have no problem to giving you credit for your wonderful work but really need this option embedded into your plugin to make our website function in the way that we can launch, market and get our program moving! Could you please give a date


Any chance this is coming soon?

This feature is very useful for my business too. Hope it come soon!

Hoping to see variation support soon too

Would love to see this as a new feature! Hope this update will be released soon :)

This would be awesome.


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