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Only Add the Price for a Custom Text Layer AFTER the Layer Has Been Edited

I have set up my Fancy Product Designer as a "Lightbox" within a range of single WooCommerce products. Each of these products can have some text added in a specific location. To do this I have added a default text layer to each product.

The problem is that if a customer chooses not to edit the text layer before adding the product to their basket, the price for the custom layer is still added on. It would be great if the cost of these text layers, were only added once the customer had edited the layer. This would avoid customers paying to get "YOUR NAME HERE" added to their product when they clearly do not require it. 

Avoiding having to make these refunds would turn this great plugin into a fantastic one! 

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Yes, this is a must have

I'm pretty disappointed this has not been added in the most recent version. 

Are there any plans to add this functionality in the future?

Was this issue fixed? The plugin has had several updates after you posted this issue. There was a new update today on March 2016 and this problem still exists.


Agree - has someone found a solution to this! Our client needs this option as well. 

Any one figure this out? 

I really need this feature too!

Just a palceholder that you set in the product builder. Shouldn´t be hard. And, does someone knows if it´s possible to delete an upload zone from the user (customer)? Just in the same way as for "add text" boxes?

Included in V4.3.3

Hi, I have enabled the option to calculate price after the text area is edited but the pricing rule (price per letter) is overriding it and the product shows the total price on the product page before the text box is edited. Is it possible to have the calculate price after editing override the price rule?

Resurrecting this thread...

I can't see a way in the Fancy plugin as it stands today -

I want to have 3 fixed text boxes editable on my design. if the user chooses not to interact with the Customizer, the price does not increase and the text remains as 'enter text here'.

If the user clicks on Customize, edits their own text, then the price increase at a blanket 50p for any/all edits.

I much prefer doing it this way than the drag your own text box in - which DOES allow you to add an extra cost and limit that cost.

Do I need the additional Pricing plugin?

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