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Ability to add custom Filters

Would love to be able to add my own filters to images - we want to be able to add a 'grunge texture' and some other custom textures to our products. How can we allow our customers to preview these effects?

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We also require to add custom filter to images. Please suggest how we can do this in jquery plugin.

This would be a great feature as I already described here! We really need this!


Since V3.2.1 you can apply images as textures for SVG images.

Would be really nice to also being able to add that possibility to text and images, this way we can sell varnish and other print effects into the printed products. Here is an example of varnish applied into print.


You can also add patterns to text elements, but a varnish effect can not be created with JavaScript. If you want to visualize a varnish surface, you can only add an image with a varnish look. E.g. using the replace feature to replace a non-varnish image with a varnish image.

You know what I mean?

I know what you mean but I don't seem to get it done. I guess I need to keep on digging. Anyway, the varnish could be visualised as a pattern created by me. Once again thank you for the amazing work! Please keep it up!

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