Please add option to edit position and size values when multiple selecting elements in product builder

Posted 4 months ago by V.I.

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the option to select multiple elements in the product builder and that I can move and scale the selection is a great option, but I would like to be able to edit the scaling and position values of the selection as it exists for individual elements. Because as it is now you cannot know how much you scale the selection and what is its position. It's like working blindfolded. I would be very grateful if you could add this feature. Thank you

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted 4 months ago Admin

Added in V6.1.9

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Miller Jhonathan posted 4 months ago

I want this feature too

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Teloca posted 4 months ago

When will this solution be implemented?

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Mario posted 4 months ago

I also asked for this feature. It would make my job considerably easier. I hope it will be implemented as soon as possible

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