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Posted 8 months ago by Jordi Mora

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Jordi Mora

At the moment you can create a global info text action. But there should be the possibility to create this for each product, so that I can offer the customer additional information depending on the personalized product, such as different instructions or details.

This could be integrated into the View Options in the product builder. To be able to be activated, created, edited from there.

As additional options to this feature, if possible, it would be: To interpret html to be able to create a more friendly text and to have the possibility to appear as soon as the product is loaded, or only when the customer clicks on this action.

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rady kal

rady kal posted 7 months ago Admin

That would be too much work for such a little feature, which can easily be solved by adding some info text in the product description next to the designer or by using a modal. Many themes are offering a modal feature that allows to set custom content per product.

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Alina posted 7 months ago

I want that too

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V.I. posted 8 months ago

a useful thing

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Rafael posted 8 months ago

A great idea

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