Make the max line option functional for the textbox element.

Posted 8 months ago by V.I.

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Make the max line option functional for the textbox element.

I sent a ticket 3 months ago in which I signaled that the option: Maximum number of lines from the textbox element does not work since the new version of FPD was launched.

If you set a maximum number of lines, for example 3, you can write more lines. The maximum number of lines does not work.

If you write a word longer than the width set in the text box, a new line is not created, it continues by increasing the width of the text box.

I also attached a video to that ticket in which we simulate this problem on the FPD test site

Ticket number: #88745

It was closed without receiving a concrete answer


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V.I. posted 7 months ago

why before V6 it was possible and now it can't be possible? the option is there but it has no effect. I really don't understand why useful functions that worked in previous versions were removed. as if the idea was to make fpd better, not harder

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rady kal

rady kal posted 7 months ago Admin

For textbox its not possible. Therefore you have to use standard text.

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Mario posted 8 months ago

Confirm. The option to limit the number of lines does not work

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Alina posted 8 months ago

I also noticed this problem. I hope it will be resolved soon

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