Select and manipulate multiple elements at the same time in the product builder

Posted 18 days ago by Mario

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I would like to be able to select multiple items in the product builder and move and scale them together. It should be possible to group or use the ALT or Shift key on the keyboard so that I can select, for example, two elements and move them both at the same time

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Jordi Mora posted 11 days ago

This would be really great. I want to see this implemented, it will really make my job easier

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V.I. posted 15 days ago

It's a good idea. This can now be done by the customer on the front end. It should be possible to do the same in the backend

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henry dunbar posted 15 days ago

i've also requested this same feature with a number of votes here:

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Cadar J. posted 15 days ago

I want this feature too

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Miller Jhonathan posted 16 days ago

It would be very useful. Makes work easier

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Teloca posted 18 days ago

Would be great

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