Please enter the Per-Pixel Detection option as a separate option for each product

Posted 10 months ago by Alina

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Please enter the Per-Pixel Detection option as a separate option for each product. For products that contain photo collages, if the photo uploaded by the customer is larger than the upload zone, it overlaps with other upload zones and you can no longer click on them. Indeed, if I activate the Per-Pixel Detection option, the problem is solved, but on mobile it is very difficult to click on the text and it creates a very bad and frustrating user experience

Can it be activated only for images? or at least we can activate it for the products where we consider it necessary.

How else could I solve this problem of overlaying the loaded image on top of other elements?

if the Per-Pixel Detection option is implemented only for uploaded images, everything would work much more smoothly

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted 10 months ago Admin

Added in V6.0.9

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Alina posted 10 months ago

I am glad to see that my request will be implemented. I hope it was well understood and that we will be able to activate this function only for images.

But Rafael's idea is much better, being able to activate this function for each element would be great and much more helpful.

Thanks to the developers of this plugin for listening to the community's requests.

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Rafael posted 10 months ago

Each element should have an option to enable detection per pixel or not for that element because they are small elements that you cannot click on mobile

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Miller Jhonathan posted 10 months ago

It's really hard to edit the text on mobile when perpixel is activated

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Teloca posted 10 months ago

I agree

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Alina posted 10 months ago

If anyone considers this feature to be essential, please write here, because the more people agree, the faster they will implement it. Thanks to everyone who supports me

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Cadar J. posted 10 months ago

I agree. This option should only work for images. On mobile, the screen is small and it is difficult to find the pixels of the text

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V.I. posted 10 months ago

I also requested this feature some time ago but it was marked as not taken without an explanation as to why it cannot be implemented. It is very frustrating when the uploaded pictures overlap other elements that you have to click on. Please find a solution

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