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Posted 12 months ago by erkanuzdur

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Hi, new update can be good but you forget somethings. The customer experience! 

We should back to this edit design. because customers view everything and edit basicly. In the new version we have to slide them to right but customers cant think that. 

At least can be adjustable.. Thank you.

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted 6 months ago Admin

Added in V6.1.5

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Miller Jhonathan posted 10 months ago

I also want to be able to arrange the order of the instruments

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Alina posted 11 months ago

I also agree that we should have the option to arrange the order of the tools in the toolbar. We should also be able to exclude from the toolbar: Bold Text, Italic Text, Underline Text, Line Spacing, Letter Spacing, Position. Please implement these things and FPD will be much more user friendly

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V.I. posted 12 months ago

I support Marijke Lievens' request. I want this too

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erkanuzdur posted 12 months ago

Yes. I havent been update to 6x. i m using 4.8.3. They get inspiration Lumise plugin. I used Lumise and deactive it. because customers can not use in comfortable cause of design. I love FCP andI hope we can adjust or select old UI or new.

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Marijke Lievens posted 12 months ago

Yes, I also discoverd this problem. In order to be able to change the font, they have to scroll in the menu to find this option. I have a lot of customers asking me why they can't change the font just because they don't immidiatly see this function. 

As a solution I propose that we can change the order of the functions in the UI composer. now I can only remove function, but I want to be able to move them around and put them in an order that makes sense for this product

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