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rady kal
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Bugs fixed

- Default colours on custom texts aren't being recognised either from General Settings or Individual Product Settings (since V4.8.0)

- Setting/changing product view thumbnail were not working (since V4.8.0)

- Setting/changing design category thumbnail were not working (since V4.8.0)

- Names & Numbers module in Order Viewer not showing up (since V4.8.0)

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brett posted 3 days ago

There is a bug with 4.8.3. 1) When you add images to a designs category the previous images are deleted. This happens with 4.8.3 and not with previous versions. 2) Also, the lazy load option still doesn't work with products which causes the site to appear to be really slow.

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helder santos posted 12 days ago

Wondering if the idea of correspondent image on the back is close to be implemented

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Falk Broen posted 17 days ago

Hello, thank you for the update. When can we expect a fix for the Crop feature in advanced image editing functions? If you crop an image, the edges are still at the old original image size after the crop. With very small crop sections from a large image, it is hardly possible to use the corner points because they are too far away from the croped image. Here is my last ticket to that request: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/tickets/87545

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