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Correspondent image added automatically on other view

 I know you already have the replace in all views feature.. but I have an avatar plush toy company, where when the customer adds a tshirt on the doll, the correspondent back image of the tshirt is automatically added on the back. When the person adds hair on the doll, the correspondent item is added on the back, and when the client chooses another one, it replaces in both views. This would be perfect for tshirt companies which creates specific designs that mach front and back of the product 

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That would definetly be one of the best features to come. Clap!

Great idea!

I even made a modification on the plugin to do it, I would share with you. But every since I have no option to update the plugin on the new releases it sux.

I really want to keep the plugin updated, it's something I would pay for them to do it for all of us <3

Do you have a live example or a screencast of that workflow.

Yes, here is a live example of the plugin working with those modifications. > https://poppiz.com.br/produto/app-boneco/

Try adding items as hair, tshirts or shorts with has its respectives items on the back of the doll added automatically as they are linked 

Unfortunetly we can't update anymore since the modification was made on previous versions

Hoping tey will take this suggestion <3

we all hope they will consider adding this suggestion on the next update. it will be really useful 

Any News? Hoping a lot this finally gets here

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