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Pricing by % of used area in Printing Box

Price based on percentage of Printing Box usage.

Because we charge customer by Printing machine usage. If machine needs to work on 75% of Printing Box, then price for design s 15€. If machine needs to travel more than 50% but less than 75% then price is 10€ and so on.. 

I think it is good type of pricing for Pricing add-on plugin.

Our use case, example:

Printing Box size: 200x400px

1. Design elements uses: 50x50px so uses less than 50% of total Printing Box, price 5€
2. Design elements uses: 105x205px so uses more than 50% of total Printing Box, price 10€
3. Design elements uses: 150x350px so uses more than 75% of total Printing Box, price 15€

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Awaiting for this feature

Same. I've needed it for couple years.

When can we expect the feature?

Any update on this Radykal? Hate to rush but anxiously anticipating it's arrival.

Any news about this feature?

Benötige diese Funktion ebenfalls!
Wann ist diese fertig?

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