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Add Customer added element SKUs to order emails

I see a few people requesting this idea but no replies? Is it achievable?

  • There is the ability to add SKU’s to the elements, i.e., each design element. 
  • I can only view the SKU if I 'Load the product in order view.’ 
  • Then I have to click the ‘single element tab’ to view it. 
  • Can element SKU be added to the email orders/cart/export
  • Then our printing guys can see what design has to be added to each t-shirt (colour) by the customer
  • We can directly send them the order email with the SKU info in it.


This is currently hugely time-consuming as I have to open each product to view the design SKU. We have a lot of daily orders.

Can it be added to the email orders/cart so that our printers can see what design has to be added to each t-shirt (colour).

Wondering where we can find this item in the database? Or is there someway we need to turn this on?

Example - I have a custom shape that the customer can select... and then they configure the product... so I have 8 products. Circle, Square, Rectangle, etc. The Woo Commerce order (in my admin panel) shows it as FPD Product: Square, It does not show up in my customer order emails or the emails we receive after we get a sale.

I know it has to be recorded somewhere, because it is in the woo commerce order panel. Just have no idea how to find it in the DB or enable this new feature.

I can see them being stored as "7,12,10,9,8,11,13,15" in fpd_products or fpd_products_mobile but have no idea how to get "Circle" spit out on an export or similar.

Thank you.

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