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Posted over 3 years ago by Philip Wall

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Philip Wall

What I would like to know is that when a customer selects/ adds a design to a t-shirt (I have added a SKU to my designs), that this SKU can be then seen on the Woocommer order file. What I'm looking to achieve is;

There is a parent SKU (the t-shirt, then the size) and when the customer adds the design, that SKU is added to the end of the parent sku. Example, for a county men's t-shirt for Galway. GMT10KY01 - Galway Men's T-shirt Small, Design name. The  SKU should be visible on the Order email so that the printer guys know what design has been added to that colour/size of t-shirt in an easy to see way.

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Philip Wall posted over 3 years ago

I have just added another request which is a more specific explanation. 

I see a few people requesting this idea but no replies? Is it achievable?

  • There is the ability to add SKU’s to the elements, i.e., each design element. 
  • I can only view the SKU if I 'Load the product in order view.’
  • Then I have to click the ‘single element tab’ to view it. 
  • Can element SKU be added to the email orders/cart/export
  • Then our printing guys can see what design has to be added to each t-shirt (colour) by the customer
  • We can directly send them the order email with the SKU info in it.


This is currently hugely time-consuming as I have to open each product to view the design SKU. We have a lot of daily orders.

Can it be added to the email orders/cart so that our printers can see what design has to be added to each t-shirt (colour).

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rady kal

rady kal posted over 3 years ago Admin

Added in V4.6.1

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