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Re-arrange colors + Color Groups

It would be good if you could re-arrange colors in the settings after you have added them. For example if you use quite a lot of colors, shades of grey, shades of blue etc. If you then would like to add a new shade of blue it would be great if you could drag and drop that color into the other shades of blue colors. Now you need to start over again and add each color in your prefered order to solve this. 

It would also be good to be able to create several "Color groups" in the settings that you then can choose for your products or elements. Add names that explain their purpose, 't-shirt_base_colors', 't-shirt_print_colors', 'mug_pantone_colors' etc.For example you might need different color sets/groups for different products. In the product builder you could then choose from a drop down which color group to use for the product (general setting for images, text) and/or each element. Any update for the Color Group will instantly update the product color choices.  

Could alse be usefull to add the color names at the same time as you add the color, #000000 --> Black, instead of doing this afterwards in a different place in the settings.


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That would be really very helpful!

Color Group would be fantastic

This would be a super helpful feature, because as you say there are sometimes many colors/materials (ink/vinyl/thread) and for each different type of product (thread color would not work on wood) and having tons of color options but re-adding/changing is currently a chore. Once you add 50-100 colors, have fun changing/re-arranging them once you get loaded with orders.

Added in V4.6.1

Thank you!!!!!

is there a way to apply the Color Group to the contour too?

Color lists. There is no reordering and editing functionality for existing colors. Creating the color list from scratch is very time consuming when you want to add a color.

A colleague mentioned it above.

Adding my request to be able to reorder and edit and the colour lists.

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