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move already created views into another product

I would like to create a layout with multiple views, but using previously created drawings. I could duplicate a product, but I'd have to recreate the other views from scratch, even if I already have them. Instead I would need the ability to insert views into another product.

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yes that would be great! i also want to use products with differnt colors (and dont want to use the color switch in the designer). if i create a new layout i have to do that in every product. if i could copy the view to other products i just have to change the product itself. printarea and objects would be the same.

can someone of fpd team say if you will implement that? (before i start to create that much.....) :)

great you will do that! in that way i just want to know if it would also be possible to set a view in the individual product settings. for example i have a product with blue mugs. in the product are 10 views used for layouts. now i want to create a own product with picture of the view (a funny text or picture). then i want that the customer can add to cart or open the designer to change the font or font color or anything he want. so it would be perfect when i can choose not just product #2 but product #2 , view #4. so i must not create a own product for every view.

Added in V4.5.7

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