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Define rules for the name of the file to download


It would be interesting to be able to define an output name for the files to download. Currently, the file name is always "Product".

Define rules for files. Ex. Date, hour, second (PHP format), prefix and/or suffix, random number (hexadecimal), etc.

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Is there a hook to create a custom function to set the output file name as we like?

It would be superb if we could put woocommerce order and product data into the filename.

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I'm creating a website where the client creates his art and downloads it in pdf ready for printing with the export addon it would be wonderful if the download pdf file had the name of the fancy product

Added in V4.5.6

I cant find where I customize the filename. Is there any instructions?

 Hello Johan,

To change filename, please check attached screenshot.



Hi, hope you can help me.

Unfortunately that doesn't work. The export files are still named Order number_DesignID
I use Product_%title_%id.

I need to change the name. I need the SKU included.




In this screenshot it seems like there are options to set the filename as "date", "product ID", "product title" or "product slug".
However, I don't see any option to set the "WooCommerce order ID" as filename.

Is there a way to store the file with a filename "WooCommerce order ID" + "date" and export it to dropbox, for example?

Thank you very much in advance for your help & answers!

It says that the name is for customers only. But I think that many of us want this name for admin users. I'm using Export Pro add-on and it would be great to change name of filename. The name of FPD Product would be great too.

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