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Grouping elements

It would be very convenient for me to have the ability to group elements. For example, now I would have to change the size of the background of some of my products and I am forced to move the elements one by one to realign them, while it would be a much faster operation to move them all in bulk. It would also be handy when different elements are set in the same way.

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I totally join your request ! The ability of grouping elements would be a great way to edit easily the products. It would also be a huge time saver when creating several size of a design : rescale/align the group in one shot !


Included in V4.5.0.

My request was related to the backend not the frontend. It is not possible?

how sad, I was looking forward to this update and the possibility of grouping elements and duplicating groups on the backend, I have products that are repeated several times in the same view (for example multiple 3 cm stickers on the same A4 sheet) and to make the model of all I need to duplicate element by element of each drawing

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