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Resolution warning for customers


it is really important for the customers to know that the image they have uploaded is low quality. Currently, if they upload an image, it doesn't show as blurry on the FPD, so they think they are getting a hi-res image printed.

Is it possible to have a warning box which pops up when they have uploaded the image which tells them the resolution isn't high enough and will be printed blurry?

I know you can set the minimum DPI etc. But the issue is that for some customers, they will still want the blurry image to be printed, they just need to be warned it will blurry so they don't expect a hi-res image on the product. 


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The idea is awesome! How about a star rating which shows the customer how it will look on the final product? I would love that.

You can specify a minimum pixel width and height and if the image is lower than these specifications, it will not be uploaded.

Yes, I know that. But why not allow the customer to upload every image of every size but show them how they will look?

We can integrate an option so the customer can upload images that are lower than the minimum image resolution from the settings. In the frontend they will see an information that the image has a low quality with e.g. a thumb-down icon and all other images with a proper resolution gets a thumb-up icon.

That's not the best option because if customers increase the size of their image, the print quality suffers anyway.

The best feature would be a dynamic extension which shows the print quality in stars or in a similar way. The shop owner could setup the size of the printed file and based on that and the actual image size and the image size in the fpd window / canvas, customers are shown a rating of their image after being printed.

What do you think of that? 

I hame same problem on my sites:



I tried everything what I read on this forum,



How about using both input of resolution together with file height x width as parameter as a warning?

For example 120dpi(12x12cm) file is same as 240dpi (6x6cm). And it is same memory size as well.

Setting only minimum dpi as warning is misleading. You can have 120dpi but size is 1.2x1.2cm. When a user upload this image succesfully, he can scale up the image thinking it should be fine when printing.

Included in V4.5.4

Awesome radykal! Thanks for implementing it. Looking forward to see how advanced this option is and how good it works.

@Leon You can already see it in our demos https://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/t-shirt/ . Just upload an image.

Thanks for your fast answer, @rady kal!

I tried it and it's nice to see the rating in the photos section. That makes it very clean! 

But I think for most of the people it has been a problem that the customers just scaled up their image way too much. They should get a feedback while scaling their picture. Another way could be to limit the possibility of scaling up images depending on the size of the image and of the product. What do you think of that?

Hello, I have one question to this function. When I set the minimum requirements for the image, it gives the user a warning and does not allow to upload. We often have users that wants to use the image anyway. Is there an option to let the use the image by accepting the warning?! So the user is aware  of the problem but has the freedom to use his image anyway.

How does the rest handle it?

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