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Ability to change font size, line height and line spacing in text boxes from front-end

 Currently you cannot change the font size, line height or line spacing within a text box on the front-end. My customers are complaining and it doesnt make sense to restrict them from being able to change font size within a text box. Please turn on this feature.

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I really need the FPD community to help me out here. Please vote for this update. I cannot understand why we would not want our customers to be able to change the font size within a text box.

I agree I didn't notice it till you mentioned!
Why is the customer can't change the font size? What's about if they have a short or long name?

Please this is very important!



I can't publish the new site when the customer can't change the size of the fonts.
Using our site, the customer requires to change:
1. Font
2. Font size
3. The font color,
those are the features we need.

Thanks for understanding


As you can see this is an issue. Please make it so we can have font size/line height/spacing within text boxes on the front end.

Added in V4.3.8

Cant' wait to try this one out :)

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