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Font style and Size linked with text groups

It's hard to see what the benefit of the text link groups is without it changing the font size and style.

If these were linked then you could break the product down into multiple (Zoomed in) parts and then provide a full preview at the end.

Can this please be considered a feature for future updates?

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Included in V4.3.6

That's amazing news, although we've run some tests and can't seem to get it to work. I have emailed you an example link for reference.

Amazing new feature! Thanks Rady Kal. Only waiting on the angled upload zones and we are good to launch! haha

Oliver, basically you had to add the features you would like to link in settings under 'advanced'. It is quite a nice way to do it.
Is there also a way to link images / upload zones? For example can we link upload zones in the same way so if we add a logo to one another changes? 

Great feature! Thanks again.

Absolutely stunned as this is far and above what we were expecting. Yet again you guys have outdone yourself on the best product designer out there.

Thanks Olly, they did get back to me with an explanation.

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