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Price per m2

It would be very useful to add the price option per m2. That the user can put the size of the canvas for the photo and calculate the price.


In my company we print custom sizes. We sell different types of materials and each customer can put their size and we calculate the price.


I think it's a great tool to improve FPD. That the client can put his size, upload his photos and calculate the price based on the m2.


Is it possible ?, thanks.

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The calculation is easy to do, it is best to put the measurements in millimeters (mm), so there are no problems with the semicolons (. And,) that the customer can put in e




PVC material, the price of 1 m2 is $ 100.

Dibond material, the price of 1 m2 is $ 150.

DM material, the price of 1 m2 is $ 200.


The customer wants to ask for a photo of 240 x 300 mm (24 x 30 cm) in PVC.



1st we convert the width of the canvas in mm to m2: 240/1000 = 0.24

2nd we convert the height of the canvas in mm to m2: 300/1000 = 0.3

3rd we calculate the m2 of the canvas: 0.24 * 0.3 = 0.072 m2

4th we multiply the m2 obtained from the canvas by the price of the m2 of the selected material: 0.072 * 100 = 7.2 $

This would be a great addition. We also print all kinds of custom tapes ranging from small stickers to large window decals and need the possibility to dynamically calculate the price per user specified print area.

I think it is an option that can be easily added with the PLUS addon. Using the dynamic view method.

So you would like to calculate the price with the canvas size in pixels. If customer is changing canvas size via dynamic views module, it will update the price according to the pricing rule for "price per m2".

Yes, I think it could be a good solution. Only the price of the m2 would be saved in the administrator. And you must calculate the front-end when changing the client.

yes yes yes, we absolutely need this funktion, too.
we have purchased the product designer but without this function actually it is useless for us :-(
we just have ONE product, users should type in the with and height and then design this canvas ... the price should be calculated by width and height.
"price per m2"! 
So we have to  set the m2 price in backend .

How to realize??

Best wishes

There's no update on this request, is it online ? will we have it soon ?

Added in Plus addon (V1.3.2) for the Dynamic Views module. 

Can you make a tutorial on how to use this function? It's not very intuitive

Is it possible that you can fill in a formula for the price per m2? so that you can make more complex calculations for the price. that it will grow less in price per m2 if you have more m2. or is that not possible?

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