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PDF Upload


Been a fan and watched progression of this software for years - finally trying to use it to build a print on demand website - feature request

1. Most importantly - Would be a good feature if PDF file types could be uploaded as image types- this is as standard on all major print on demand websites - eg vista print

Keep up the good work!

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2. Upload Zone images should be linked to the printing Box for quality - at the moment it is possible to add a very poor quality image eg 1mb to a very large printing area eg A0 and there is not a quality check or quality warning. It should not allow customer to upload tiny images into large printing areas - this will mean printer will have to contact customer leading to more and more administration.

Added in V4.3.0

How can I configure my own imagick here in my WP plugin? I can't find anything about it

How do I add imagemagick?

I dont get it to work.

Image of my status & tools admin area:


What am I missing

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