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A more realistic take on the preview feature for 3D products

I would like to contribute an idea about the preview feature.

I sell mugs, water bottles and other round objets. My problem with those products and product designers in general is that if i choose to present them reallistically - meaning with a view of the left side of the mug/bottle and another of the right side (like with your template) - the user looses the ability to place a single large image or a collage that they would want to span the whole width of the product. I chose for those circular objects to go with a flat editing layout, so now the preview feature is of no use to me as it does not represent the state of a final, customized product.

My suggestion - if feasible - is that once the user is ready to preview their work, the design will be divided/cut into 2 sections (could also be 3 or more sections depending on the needs - and in that case, the divisions could overlap as well). Each section would be overlayed on a preselected image background that would represent the left and right side (and center view, etc) of the product, with proportions
, scale and bounds previously set on essentially an upload zone. It could have the option to remove select layers (like the blueprint to the mug's design) before doing this.

Going even further i think that a warp mask could be applied to each half of the custom design's placeholders/upload zones, kind of like a smart objet in photoshop - and depending on how the warp is set by the user, the design could appear as if it's really following the shape of the product.

Lastly, in order to make it perfect, user would be able to assign a blend mode to the design's placeholder. It would really seal the realism and let the lighting effect and material of the background preview image show through the design, as if it was really printed on it. This would be great even for flat products.

I hope this can (and will) be done or at least considered, because i haven't seen any product customizer try to effectively solve the problem of non flat products. And i think this would be a great implementation of 3D previewing.

Thank you for your time

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so you can't make your own models? I like the feature but it is useless if you can not make your own models. Why not make a tutorial how to make them? I get this is an extra income, but the items you now have are not what I want, maybe Caps, Shirts, Picture Frames. Maybe a good idea to make automatic mockups too? I also sell wallpaper, maybe a mockup tool to put the designs on the wall? Look if I sell mugs, it is never 360 there is always 2cm white gap. But the mugs I sell are higher so I can't use your 3d models.  

the same here...... 

 Thank you for the reply Rady. What is the cost for each 3D model, and how long will it take to get each one made?

The same here, the ability to upload the 3D models yourself would be perfect, even paying a surcharge as an add-on.

You can add your own 3D models if you know how to create 3D model in a 3D Modelling software. Therefore I recommend to buy one of our example and see how the model is built in order the design from the product designer is applied to the correct position in the 3D model.

Hi! i need to buy one custom 3d Model . Where i need to write to buy it?

@OLGA You find all 3D models links to purchase here.


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