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Mobile - make the page scroll to keep the text element visible when keyboard comes up

Mobile -

When selecting a text field to edit, the keyboard and text options come up and if the ustomizer is not high enough on your display, they cover up the text. you can still edit it but you can't see it unless you scroll manually to where the text would be visible. And while scrolling you lose the selection to the text field so you have to tap the text to start editing again.

I find it pretty finnicky so i suggest that the page would automatically scroll just enough (to the same amount that the keyboard will take up) to let the text element stay visible over the keyboard. you can find a video example of the issue i am mentionning in the link below :


Thank you

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This is a good idea. If I was the customer I think that would become very annoying.

Hello Alexandre John Emmanuel LOPIS, 

That looks very helpful. But can you let me know the steps how can I do this? 

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Moeen khan, The software update in which this topic was addressed treated it as a bug fix so i think it is supposed to work out of the box. It works most of the time from my experience. Hope i answered your question ;-)

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