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Allowing Customer to Download Print Ready Export PDF via the Download Button

The Print Ready Export PDF option does not currently allow for the customer to download the print ready PDF directly from the Fancy Product Designer product page. I would like to have the option for the customer to download the Print Ready Export PDF directly from the designer page via the Download button.  The Download button currently only provides the customer with a Basic Export PDF.  Thank you.

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Included in V4.2.1

Great, thank you! 

Just to clarify, is the Print Ready Export PDF now automatically associated with the following shortcode?  

[fpd_action type="download" layout="icon-text"]

Or is there a special new shortcode that needs to be used to provide the customer with the Print Ready Export PDF version?

Please advise.

Where can i find this option? I still only have the Basic Export PDF via the download button.

To clarify - if I click on PDF i want the customer to download the print pdf.

Thanks in advance

print.png print.png
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Hello @Chris e @Nicolai 

I made a new feature request to be able to download the ready-to-print files directly in the canva editor via the standard download button, apparently this is what you want too, but today only paid orders can be downloaded on the frontend.

Please vote for my feature request: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/topics/13000028372

This is now possible?
would be nice

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