Add an Option for End User to Delete Upload Zone

Posted almost 5 years ago by Chris

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For our products, we would like to give users the option of adding something to the designated upload area, but do not want to require that they add something to the upload area.  The problem is that if they don't add something, their design will have our default image that says "add photo here"..

Therefore, please add an option that allows the user to delete the upload zone area if they do not wish to add a photo to that area.  Allowing them to delete the upload zone would also delete the default photo that is displayed by default for that designated upload area.   

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted over 4 years ago Admin

Added in V4.3.0

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Martin Pátek posted over 4 years ago

Very good idea from Chris. We have the same problem. As admins we need a choice if upload zone could be deleted or not. The customer will not be afraid to place an order that unwanted calls to upload objects will be printed there.

Thank you very much


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Kelsey posted almost 5 years ago

Or, just don't consider/show upload zone default images as part of a design in previews, PDFs or print ready exports. 

Or, give upload zones a required/optional toggle. 

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