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Bulk Order Discounts / Tiered Pricing / Dynamic Pricing

In most cases, companies who offer printing services will be willing to offer a discount when a customer buys bulk quantities of the same design printed on various sizes of the same product type.

Currently the Fancy Product Designer "Plus" add-on allows customers to create a bulk order of a single design, but this doesn't integrate with WooCommerce Variations, which makes it unsuitable as soon as "Stock" or "Pricing Based On Variations" are taken into account. I'm aware of the "WooCommerce Bulk Variations" plugin that has been created to resolve this issue, but there is still no way to offer discounts based on the number of items that a customer orders.

Adding this functionality to the Fancy Product Designer would allow businesses to scale up and help existing customers grow online.

Note: I'm adding this here as I can only see a linked topic in the discussions section of support.

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I would find this really useful - absolutely vital for an online printing business

Hi there. Please could I have an update on this feature request? 

It's absolutely vital that I find a way to incorporate Tiered Pricing for bulk orders in one way or another.

Currently as there is no way to do this using any of the Extensions or Addons, I will need to incorporate something that adds the discount to my customer's basket. This will mean that all prices on the Fancy Product Pages will be wrong and will need to be hidden. Obviously, I'd rather that this didn't happen, so please could you let me know if you plan to incorporate this feature any time soon?

Yes, this will be a fantastic feature. Most efficient pricing model for a printing business is to enable multi-level bulk purchases. So please, we hope to see it implemented real soon

This would be a great addition!

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