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Posted over 5 years ago by Edwin van der Beek

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Edwin van der Beek

For my clients it's difficult to use the text editor on there mobile phones. A solution is to use the function to automatically open the text window.

The problem with this solution is that my clients can't find the fonts and color tools because they don't understand that they can press back to go to the other window.

It would be nice if the text input field could be displayed on top of the other tools i added a screenshot from how it would like to have it.

If this can not be added into the plugin itself does somebody know how to set up the javascript the correct way to do so, i know how to change the html and css but changing the javascript is a little to difficult for me.

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Aytac posted over 2 years ago

Where can we find this function to set?

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CARLOS VIVES posted over 2 years ago

Hello Radykal.

I saw you mention its implemented, really but I can remove many fields from the txt menu but I can't find where can I put it at the top like in the image.

I have text-layer module independent but when customer press on the txt could be nice to have this like in the picture.. where can I set this?

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Rafael D

Rafael D posted almost 5 years ago Admin

Included in V4.0.8

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